We are worried about our health, that of loved ones, the future, our jobs, the economy, the return to social life… It is rare to find someone who is not impacted in one way or another. other by what we experience.

Here are the 6 tips from the World Health Organization to manage your stress and anxiety :

1 – Control your access to information on the coronavirus

Reserve specific times of the day for this. For example, choose to watch only one news program during the day. Choose a reliable source of information instead of reading or listening to what “falls on you” at the risk of coming across fake news.


2 – Make social networks your allies

The social media can relay a lot of fake news. But you can use them to relay good news, to exchange with friends, to get news from people who are far away …

3 – Be united

Being in solidarity with those who need help (like the elderly) is also good for the mood of the helper!

4 – Listen to yourself

Pay attention to your own emotions and needs. Find relaxing activities (such as sophrology !) and that make you happy.

5 – Recognize the heroic work of health professionals

Recognition and gratitude do good to those who give them and those who receive them!

6 – Spread good news!

It is not a question of denying reality, but of making a deliberate choice to focus on the positive (as we do in sophrology, by the way!). Several countries have already seen the peak of the epidemic pass and the number of infected people is decreasing, more than 80% of patients are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. And there are lots of others (we talked about this last week)!

And you, what are your tips for managing your stress during the pandemic? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page!