Her face is familiar to us all, actress, host and screenwriter, she left us an unforgettable memory of her role in “Sous Le Soleil”. After a rich career, she naturally turned towards sophrology, by becoming a sophrologist herself. Sophro Actu tells you her journey!

A desire for well-being after a complicated period

Today installed in her 9e arrondissement office, Adeline Blondieau experienced a few years ago a hard time. Overworked by an intense life which she led head on without recognition, a burnout and a depression pushed her to slow down and especially to focus on the essentials. Looking for a more peaceful life, she turns to sophrology and then turns to a training at the Sophrology Training Institute, where she learns this profession with passion and legitimately finds her place in the profession.

Sophrology, a discipline to its just measure

She readily admits to having always practiced more or less sophrology without really being aware of it: “I needed to feed myself on something else in my professional life. Helping others is one of the important things for me. Sophrology is a method that helped me a lot. ” A choice that seemed obvious and logical to her. In this regard, she regularly answers those who follow her on the social networks regarding their fellings and their emotions, like here in this video posted on Instagram.

The desire for sharing, tolerance, serenity therefore led Adeline Blondieau to sophrology. How did you find out about this? Did sophrology come naturally to you or perhaps did you hear this term for the first time through the recommendations of your entourage or a doctor? Do not hesitate to tell us more in the comments of the article or on our Facebook page :)