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Adeline Blondieau, her new life as a sophrologist

Her face is familiar to us all, actress, host and screenwriter, she left us an unforgettable memory of her role in "Sous Le Soleil". After a rich career, she naturally turned towards sophrology, by becoming a sophrologist herself. Sophro Actu tells you her journey! A desire for well-being after a complicated period Today installed in [...]


How Being Isolated Can Affect Your Child’s Mental Health

Europeans are beginning to gradually emerge from lockdown and schools are reopening in many countries. This return can paradoxically arouse a share of joy and a share of anxiety. Being isolated can be traumatic for children and adults Experts believe that post-traumatic stress symptoms can develop in people in quarantine. Children from 3 years old [...]

Sophrology and stress management of exams

For many adolescents, spring is synonymous with revisions, with its share of anxiety and insomnia. Sophrology can help them! Approaching exams, stress goes up, nights get shorter, sleep is less quality and for some anguish is very present. Anxiety is counterproductive because it destroys our abilities. Sophrology's goal is helping the teenager get into a [...]

Sophrology: an excellent support in pain management

Less pain, more energy, better sleep ... These are just some of the benefits cited by people who suffer from fibromyalgia after sophrology sessions! Tension worsens pain Indeed, when we are tense we focus even more on what is wrong. The dynamic relaxation exercises (adapted to each person's limitations) will allow you to relax physically [...]

Have you ever heard of dynamic relaxation?

When we think of relaxation, we mostly think of something passive, not moving. However, half of a sophrology session is devoted to exercises that allow you to relax while on the move! How does it work? Relax! You probably have already heard it! But when we are stressed, how do we do it? It's simple [...]


Athletes can no longer do without sophrologists!

In a competition, mental preparation counts as much as physical preparation! For a professional sportsman, there are several criteria which can distance them from desired performance: pain or injury, their environment, but also their mind. By mind, we mean stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, fear… Athletes must manage energy, emotional and psychological discharge, sport tactics, gesture [...]


Companies are increasingly calling on sophrologists!

Inspired by yoga, hypnosis and zen, sophrology is gradually taking over businesses. Sophrologist Catherine Aliotta explains the benefits. The positive effects of sophrology are now recognized by the medical profession and outside: decrease in anxiety and stress, fighting insomnia and certain addictions, improve your concentration and its sports results, etc. It is quite natural that [...]


6 tips from the World Health Organization to manage stress

We are worried about our health, that of loved ones, the future, our jobs, the economy, the return to social life… It is rare to find someone who is not impacted in one way or another. other by what we experience. Here are the 6 tips from the World Health Organization to manage your stress [...]


Gisele Bündchen: her breathing and well-being techniques

Do we need to introduce her? An international supermodel, Gisele Bündchen is now also an ambassador for well-being and relaxation. And also sophrology as it would seem!   Breathing: Gisele's key technique In the video that we share with you at the bottom of this article, we can discover Gisele Bündchen extolling the merits of alternate [...]


Sophrology using people suffering from tinnitus

Some people describe buzzing, others whistle or hiss. Sophrology cannot suppress tinnitus, but allows you to learn to live with it and reduce the stress they induce. Thetinnitus is a message sent by neurons that the brain interprets as sound. Sophrology with these different exercises, but especially those of relaxation, will act directly on the [...]

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