Sophrology aims to make you independent

Have you ever hesitated to start counseling with a therapist for fear of becoming dependent on him? Find out in this article why you shouldn't be afraid of being dependent on your sophrologist! Sophrology is a simple technique. There are two kinds of sophrology exercises which are built around 3 elements: controlled breathing, muscle contraction [...]


Do you want to change your life? Sophrology can help you.

There are many who dream of a different life. Many want to change their place of life, their region, to be on a slower pace. Others want to give more meaning to their professional life, to find an activity that really "makes their soul sing". And yet, change often seems so difficult! Sometimes we have [...]


Confinement: now is the time to empathize!

Empathy is the ability to understand others, to put themselves in their place. The coronavirus epidemic and containment are opportunities to exercise this empathy on a daily basis! Most of us have never experienced a crisis like this and we are afraid. Either for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the planet or [...]

Is confinement driving you crazy? Here are some tips to get better

The stress generated by an indefinite confinement combined with the fear of facing an illness have a strong impact on our balance. Today, we’re bringing you some tips for maintaining good mental health during confinement. 1) Physical activity is essential for maintaining mental health. Even at home, do not hesitate to put on music and [...]


Coronavirus: fear impacts us, sophrology can help

The coronavirus epidemic currently affects more than 155 countries around the world. Many of us in Europe follow total containment guidelines. All this is far from trivial for the mind and for the body. Sophro News explains how sophrology can be a great ally in overcoming fear. How can fear be harmful to our health? [...]


Cultivating optimism in everyday life thanks to sophrology

According to a recent study, the human brain would prefer positive probabilities to negative ones. A natural tendency to optimism that can be boosted thanks to sophrology. If you are asked how do you imagine your health in 5 years, you will answer that it will be doing quite well. This is in part what [...]

Sophrology: supporting changes

Promote fluidity. " You haven't changed since high school! "(Funny compliment) "She has changed a lot!" (With a pout, and the implication" what a pity!") "I'm like that, period!" (Stubbornly, arms crossed, frowning). "I've always done it like that, I'm going to change now! "(Same attitude) We have all heard or uttered these types of [...]


September: a story of outings or re-entry of consciousness?

September, back to school, parents' stress, children's nervousness, shopping, traffic jams on the roads or in the aisles of supermarkets or even the frenzies around such clothing flanked by a brand or such essential product, touted by the "pub". At the dawn of September, the term "back to school" speaks to me more than ever. [...]

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