Sophrology to replace procrastination in productivity!

The procrastination, this tendency to procrastinate, is not new and concerns a good number of people. And yes, who hasn't already put off doing laundry until the next day? However, people who procrastinate, nicknamed them procrastinators, can sometimes shift a task to several weeks. Even if, everyone claims to have already procrastinate many times in [...]

Sophrology and stress management of exams

For many adolescents, spring is synonymous with revisions, with its share of anxiety and insomnia. Sophrology can help them! Approaching exams, stress goes up, nights get shorter, sleep is less quality and for some anguish is very present. Anxiety is counterproductive because it destroys our abilities. Sophrology's goal is helping the teenager get into a [...]

Cyber ​​bullying: sophrology to the rescue of adolescents

Free speech thanks to sophrology Although awareness campaigns are multiplying in schools to fight cyberbullying, it is still particularly difficult for a teenager to break the silence in the face of this phenomenon. Shame or fear of being judged prevent him from confiding in his loved ones. For fear of worrying or disappointing, a young [...]

Bac 2017: sophrology to manage stress on D-Day

Thousands of high school students are facing stress and anxiety as they approach the baccalaureate. But if stress in a small dose has a stimulating effect, it can, when it is too great, prove to be harmful for performance. Some sophro tips to help teens better manage their emotions on D-Day The effect of stress [...]

sophrology to manage stress and concentration

Interesting college initiative Guy Liard in Mondeville in Calvados where sophrology sessions are offered to students. During these sessions led by a liberal sophrologist, students can learn to manage their stress, relax and fix their attention. These sessions were set up following some conflicts and a difficulty for the students to express their emotions.Publicity First [...]

Reviews: How to help the teenager?

Adolescents are generally stressed when they arrive during the exam period. In the case of the bac, the classic educational path ends. The examination in itself becomes a sesame either to start in the working life, or to start a cycle of studies chosen according to what one plans for his future. The stake is [...]

Snacking: sophrology, a real tool

According to a recent European-wide study, young people and especially students are the most affected by snacking. Disorganized meals, intense pace, pressure and anticipation of exams, all factors that can push them to eat throughout the day. Suddenly craving for sweet or salty can quickly be brought under control thanks to sophrology as evidenced by [...]

Sophro is also for teens

" Sophrology is attentive to release tensions, to develop positive and creative desires of the teenager but also to reinforce its capacity to restore its energy. " - Catherine Aliotta Author for the Journal of Women, Catherine Aliotta just posted an article called Teens and sophro: sophrology to support a life that changes. The paper [...]

Tips from Europe 1 to pass the bac exams without stress

Always a baccalaureate. This time it's a large radio station that offers some anti-stress advice to high school students before going to a French oral. We imagine that the advice delivered by Europe 1 and the sophrologist Jessica Dupont will be welcome regardless of the type of subject the student defends orally. The practitioner trained [...]

In Ormesson-sur-Marne sophro and fruit sessions for high school students

All high school students in France and Navarre would no doubt have loved to be pampered like those in Ormesson-sur-Marne, a small town in Val-de-Marne. Indeed, Le Parisien indicates that the city, with the help of the Media Library and a grocery store, has put in place a whole system so that its young people [...]

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