Helping children overcome stress

The world is confined and it stresses and scares us. Children, behind their carefree air, can also have fears. How can I help them? First, the child stress is not always to be avoided. Its severity depends on its reactions to stressful situations. Stress can be positive : generated by the child's everyday situations, like [...]

Confinement: now is the time to empathize!

Empathy is the ability to understand others, to put themselves in their place. The coronavirus epidemic and containment are opportunities to exercise this empathy on a daily basis! Most of us have never experienced a crisis like this and we are afraid. Either for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the planet or [...]

Discover two sophrology exercises to be calm and focused!

Want to be Zen and positive? Sophrology is for you! Inspired by yoga, it helps you transform your dark thoughts into positive thoughts! Here are two exercises to practice at any time every day! Breathing to focus Let's start with a simple exercise, easy to do again and that helps with concentration. This exercise can [...]

Are you breathing badly? Stress is probably the big culprit

Do you feel like breathing badly? Know that stress is probably the culprit. Why can breathing, so natural, sometimes become a problem? If you don't have a respiratory condition, don't smoke and still feel like breathing badly, stress is surely the culprit. It directly affects your breathing, and the situation can quickly worsen in the [...]

the study that would validate his interest

Recognizing and expressing emotions would significantly reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, this is the conclusion of a recent study published in the Pain scientific journal. The emotions behind the disease? Would this discovery confirm the interest of the relaxation therapy for people with fibromyalgia? Yes, according to the results published by the Wayne State University [...]

sophrology popular in high school and kindergarten

In Haute-Garonne, high school and kindergarten students benefit from sophrology sessions in their school. France 3 went to meet these schoolchildren, as well as teachers who wanted to use the method in the field of education. Calm reigns in this high school class, and for good reason: the day starts with a sophrology session. It [...]

Learn to breathe better with sophrology

Breathing is one of the foundations of the yogic techniques from which sophrology was largely inspired. Indeed, as soon as it is practiced in a conscious way, the breathing makes it possible to relax the diaphragm and the abdomen, then by reflex way to calm the mind, to relax and calm down. Breathing would therefore [...]

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