another way to practice sophrology

The purpose of walks sophrological is to combine the sophrology and the nature in order to have a different approach to this discipline. This thus allows to " live the moment here1 and promote your welfare becoming fully aware of the elements”. The goal is to cut yourself off from all the hustle and bustle [...]

Alzheimer’s disease and sophrology –, all the latest sophrology news

It is this Sunday, September 21, that the 21st edition of the World Alzheimer's Day. A meeting that will mobilize 36 countries, including France. Many events will take place throughout the territory: conferences, shows, marches, sporting challenges, exhibitions, symposia, etc. Sophrologists will also mobilize. of the Alzheimer villages organize sophrology workshops. This is particularly the [...]

Sophrology and the new Alzheimer Plan

Marisol Touraine, the current Minister of Health, recently presented the new Alzheimer's plan. This plan established for the next five years deploys new objectives for the 850,000 people affected by the disease in France. If the sophrology can accompany the affected people, it also constitutes a support for the close relations and the nursing staff [...]

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