Nosophobia and sophrology not Current Woman

We all have a hypochondriac around him, but we know less nosophobe. The nuance between the two anguished is quite tenuous. The former will tend to listen to his body too much and transform the slightest observation into a serious illness. The second, he is afraid of contracting a disease. His anxiety will result in [...]


Sophrology for aquaphobes

In La Rochelle, Sophrology sessions are organized before swimming lessons. These sessions allow people who do not know how to swim or those who are afraid of water to gain self-confidence and release their anxieties. The practice of sophrology lends itself particularly to the management of phobias because it allows you to quickly regain your [...]


Revue de sophrologie # 52 – Sophrologie News

It's summer, so it's an opportunity to relaunch our little sophro panoramas. The last one already dates from December 2013. It was mainly devoted to burnout. Precisely July (already ending) and August (starting soon) are times when you need to take the opportunity to take a long break, and win daily and professional contingencies. The [...]


A sophro exercise to relieve stress from the plane

Valérie Damido, the very friendly host of M6, refuses to fly. Her fear of traveling by aircraft was born after a flight to Thailand which did not go very well: the twin-engine aircraft she had taken had landed in trees *. We know thatAir France has implemented anti-stress courses for a few years. These sessions [...]

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