Discover the advantages of the profession of sophrologist!

As in all professions, being a sophrologist has positive sides as well as constraints. In this article, we explain the advantages of being a sophrologist. Have you ever considered doing a retraining towards the profession of sophrologist? Beyond doing a job that is a real passion, another word often comes up when sophrologists praise the [...]


What are the different missions of a sophrologist?

Difficult for you to imagine the daily life of a sophrologist? This article explains everything to you. When you imagine your retraining finally successful and you imagine yourself a sophrologist, you probably imagine yourself leading sessions. Indeed, this is what occupies a good part of the daily life of the sophrologist. But did you know [...]


Have you ever thought about changing jobs and becoming a sophrologist?

Are you made to be a sophrologist? Professional training in the careers of the helping relationship - personal development, relational help, emotions management, body therapy, etc. - are numerous. All allow anyone who wants to support people in the helping relationship to quickly acquire skills. But a question often comes up: does anyone can become a [...]


Yellow Pages: Sophrology always in mind!

The latest barometer * of Yellow Pages confirms the clear progression of alternative techniques for research in terms of care and health. Since the beginning of the decade, consultations via Yellow Pages to find a sophrologist, magnetizer or hypnotherapist practitioner have continued to progress. Last year, hypnotherapists also had the wind in their sails, showing [...]


Meeting with Solène Martins, sophrologist

A stone's throw from avenue de Breteuil and the Sèvres Lecourbe metro station, Solène Martins recently set up her practice. Back on his installation and his sophrologist journey How did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming a sophrologist? In a "previous life", I was a salesperson plagued by the pressure of results! Very [...]


Sophrology in the United States, interview with Véronique Benchimol

Developed by a native of Colombia, essentially created and developed in Europe, one would then think that sophrology has crossed all borders since its creation. However, it is clear that today, its presence in Anglo-Saxon countries in particular is still very discreet. What about the situation across the Atlantic? To answer us: Véronique Benchimol, a [...]


Explosion of requests in sophrology…

To echo the current craze for sophrology, Express magazine stated in its number 3311 of last December that " 704,921 people typed sophrology on the Yellow Pages site in 2013. Queries increased by 71% in just 2 years. " Figures which confirm the good health of the practice and which give hope for a bright [...]


Sophrology and neuroscience: finally scientific proof of effectiveness?

The effectiveness of positive thinking finally demonstrated? of the Recent studies at M.I.T (Massachussets Institute of Technology) by a team of neuroscience researchers have shown that the neural circuits connecting the hippocampus to the amygdala play a crucial role in how we associate emotions with memories. In addition, these researchers have succeeded in reversing [...]


Another victory for the Syndical Chamber of Sophrology

Recognizing the profession of sophrologist as a liberal profession is a new advance obtained by the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie. On April 14, the Syndical Chamber of Sophrology had an appointment with Jean-Claude GENET, Director of CIPAV, in order to obtain the registration of the profession of sophrologist in the list of professions affiliated [...]

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