Surgery and sophrology: better healing after an operation

Surgery is never a good time to spend and is often a source of anxiety. So to resect the stress linked to this surgery, nothing better than sophrology and its tools! Stress: possible complications after surgery Often dreaded by many people, [...] The article Surgery and sophrology: better healing after an operation first appeared on [...]


channel your phobia of the void using sophrology

The sophrology is an excellent method to learn how to overcome anxieties of daily life and it is also very effective therapeutically. It offers, in fact, an excellent accompaniment4 in the face of numerous pathologies such as phobias. Through several exercises, the sophrology allows people phobic to evacuate their anxiety and thus better apprehend distressing [...]


Adeline Blondieau, her new life as a sophrologist

Her face is familiar to us all, actress, host and screenwriter, she left us an unforgettable memory of her role in "Sous Le Soleil". After a rich career, she naturally turned towards sophrology, by becoming a sophrologist herself. Sophro Actu tells you her journey! A desire for well-being after a complicated period Today installed in [...]


Gisele Bündchen: her breathing and well-being techniques

Do we need to introduce her? An international supermodel, Gisele Bündchen is now also an ambassador for well-being and relaxation. And also sophrology as it would seem!   Breathing: Gisele's key technique In the video that we share with you at the bottom of this article, we can discover Gisele Bündchen extolling the merits of alternate [...]


Aurore Kichenin prepares with sophrology

The 22-year-old French girl benefited from sophrology sessions to participate in this prestigious international competition. This year, it’s Aurore Kichenin, first runner-up Miss France 2017 who represented France during the Miss World competition in China. An event that required an intensive period of preparation. To take this step in the best conditions, the Miss Languedoc-Roussillon [...]


Sophrology to eliminate stress in Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci will be the master of ceremonies for the 2017 Cannes Festival, a role she had already held in 2003 with a lot of fright. Sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, director of theSophrology Training Institute and author of many books, we decipher what could be done to help the beautiful Italian to open with serenity this [...]


RTL – We talk about sophrology

For the first broadcast of the start of the school year " We are made for each other " sure RTL, Flavie Flament invited the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta to discuss with listeners on the theme, "Sophrology, does it work? ". Numerous testimonies come to underline the interest of sophrology to fight against depression, stress or [...]


We also talk about sophrology in the people press

Sophrology now manages to find a place in the celebrity press, in the midst of stars and stars, between two gossip and four exclusive revelations. This is the case in the issue ofParis here appearing this week. The weekly - which devotes its cover to a missing singer, a presidential couple and a rivalry between [...]

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