Sophrology, a tool to better live the menopause!

Menopause represents a radical change in a woman's life since it brings with it its share of upheavals. These are often difficult to bear on a daily basis, so it is possible to use sophrology which is a very good method to reduce these symptoms. Menopause: a radical change [...] The article Sophrology, a tool [...]


sophrology a help against the disease

As he had already stated, Raphael Nadal use the sophrology3 regularly as a mental and physical preparation in his daily sports. Indeed, in addition to using it as mental preparation, the sophrology can also be useful for physical health: in the prevention of injuries, in the management of pain, in physical recovery, etc. It is [...]


sophrology to calm anxious parents

In France, 8% of newborns1 are children prematureborn before the 37e week of pregnancy. Very fragile and vulnerable, these babies are often kept for several days or several weeks at the hospital, depending on their stage. These moments spent the hospital with his child premature are very often traumatic for newcomers parents. Indeed, see his [...]


Athletes can no longer do without sophrologists!

In a competition, mental preparation counts as much as physical preparation! For a professional sportsman, there are several criteria which can distance them from desired performance: pain or injury, their environment, but also their mind. By mind, we mean stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, fear… Athletes must manage energy, emotional and psychological discharge, sport tactics, gesture [...]


Sports Sophrology: Knowing how to stay focused here and now

Athletes have the ability to represent, in addition to their own ideas, those of their opponents. The goal is to better anticipate the intentions and motivations of the other to provide an effective response and gain the upper hand. Théodor Reik (1888-1969), an American psychoanalyst, spoke of tact and said that he expressed "a certain [...]


Surf and sophrology: how to boost your mind?

In the practice of a sport, mental preparation is not reserved only for professionals. Golfers have access to numerous works where sophrology exercises are presented to optimize their concentration and vitality during a course. For surfing, a practice that requires strength, balance and concentration, understanding a wave seems easier once the mind is well prepared.Publicity [...]


Sophrology would increase sports performance by 50%

The breathing and mental visualization techniques used in sophrology significantly improve the performance of athletes. This is the conclusion of a study by Ford on the effectiveness of mental preparation techniques offered to athletes. The car manufacturer Ford is interested in athletic performance of athletes and particularly the benefits brought by the mental preparation. He [...]


Caroline Garcia prepared with sophrology

She became the first Frenchwoman qualified for the Masters semi-finals since 2006. Caroline Garcia, a tennis player with a meteoric rise, was far from winning the game. Blocked by back pain, the 8th world player favored the mental preparation during his training. And it's there relaxation therapy who helped her stay the course. How? 'Or' [...]


Sophrology and nutrition for athletes

In the physical and mental preparation of an athlete for a competition, nutrition plays a significant role today. Eating better to allow the body to perform as expected seems logical, but not always as easy to put in place. The rigor of a new diet, with its share of constraints and deprivation, can often be [...]


The utility of muscle relaxation in sport

The energy of an athlete is as much psychic as physical. Knowing how to use conscience favorably means having additional reserves in competition. Sophrology offers a wide spectrum of intervention in the conditioning of athletes. It is based on fundamentals such as breathing, awareness of the body diagram and the objective reality (1) of the [...]

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