a more sparkling life with sophrology!

With age, the daily life of seniors can deteriorate over time due to the various health conditions that tend to develop. Indeed, the more the number of candles increases, the more the body can develop some diseases2 osteoarthritis, deafness, Parkinson's disease, etc. Moreover, the people elderly are greatly affected by exclusion and solitude. This may [...]


The use of sophrology by paramedics

The news from the Rouen University Hospital highlighted the use of sophrology during SMUR interventions. The goal of this practice: to reduce stress and relieve patient pain. Guillaume Dolpierre, paramedic and sophrologist, uses sophrology during his interventions to alleviate suffering in patients. The paramedic uses it in particular when taking care of chest pains when [...]


Yannick Noah extols the merits of sophrology

Yannick Noah is one of those celebrities convinced by the interest of sophrology. The tennis player discovered the method at the end of his sporting career, and drew many benefits from it. Find out what he says in interviews, some dated 1993. Yannick Noah, this great sportsman and singer who remained for a long time [...]


sophrology popular in high school and kindergarten

In Haute-Garonne, high school and kindergarten students benefit from sophrology sessions in their school. France 3 went to meet these schoolchildren, as well as teachers who wanted to use the method in the field of education. Calm reigns in this high school class, and for good reason: the day starts with a sophrology session. It [...]

Successful job interview with sophrology

How to successfully complete a job interview? This is what sophrologist Alain Lancelot offers you in his new video broadcast on the Elle magazine channel. On the program: stress management, development of self-confidence and anchoring in the present. To give the best of yourself during a job interview, you have to be able to manage [...]


Video: preparing for the bac with sophrology

How to approach the day before the baccalaureate exams with serenity? This is the subject of this interview carried out on the CNews set and during which the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta was able to deliver his precious advice to young graduates. Sophrology indicates that for arrive at the bac exams in the best conditions, do [...]


Sophrology for pregnant women – Sophrologie-actualite.fr, all the latest sophrology news

Sophrology is a technique that combines both breathing, gentle or toning movements and a visualization phase.It thus provides the best support for women during pregnancy. It helps to manage tensions, whether bodily or mental. Approaching childbirth, it also allows you to have the maximum number of tools to ward off possible stress, to manage pain [...]


Restoring sleep – Sophrology News

More than 20% of us face difficult nights every day. Difficulty falling asleep, repeated nighttime awakenings, insomnia, all factors that will impact the next day. Far from being inevitable, there are simple tools to put in place to find more restful nights and be sure to start the day off right. Femme Actuelle.fr and sophrologist [...]

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