Anti-tinnitus sophrology exercises

" Tinnitus almost drove me crazy ", Testified Gilles on The tinnitus blog. Sophrology is an effective way to reduce the effects of these hearing disorders which can become unbearable. The sophrologist Delphine Bourdet, author ofA Zen pregnancy with sophrology, presents (with the help of Doctissimo) some sophrology exercises intended to modify intensity and painful [...]


BFMTV report on sophrology and motion sickness

This year 77% of French people will use a car to go on vacation. These trips can sometimes generate discomfort which sophrology can overcome. BFMTV has just devoted a report on motion sickness and how we can cope with it without going through medication. The sophrology is highlighted in the video below. We see a [...]


Bac: Initiative of a high school in Armentières

Lycées and colleges are now more and more offering their students sophrology sessions in preparation for exams. This is the case of Paul Hazard high school in Armantières in the north of France. The pupils of the Terminale classes were thus able to have access throughout the year to sessions given by a sophrologist.Publicity Today: [...]


Sophro on video – Sophrologie News

Defining sophrology is sometimes difficult. Images often have the power to be more illuminating than words. The short video shot by the sophrologist Farah Bensaid, thus takes a new course to highlight the benefits of sophrology. Following the journey of a young man in the metro, we gradually follow his transformations as he travels. We [...]


5 sophrology exercises to no longer be afraid of flying

Long summer vacations are imminent. Many French people will take the road to the south of the country, others will travel in height. But getting on a plane is not always the most important time easy to live. For some of us it’s even a source of anxiety. Some airlines, such as Air France, have [...]


EXCLUSIVE: The French and sophrology (the survey)

What relationship do the French have with the relaxation therapy ? Do they know her? Do they practice it? To these and many other questions, the survey commissioned by the Syndical Chamber of Sophrology answers them. The survey was carried out by the institute BVA, from a sample of 1,071 people aged 15 and representative [...]


The Voice talents channel their energy with the sophro

The Voice is undoubtedly the television program that has done the most work to publicize the relaxation therapy at a prime time schedule. The production of this popular talent show broadcast on TF1 regularly presents sequences in which we see young singers performing the exercises recommended by Alain Lancelot. Or testifying to the benefits of [...]


number of internships increasing after the crash

One in four French people fear of flying. This is an article from which gives this figure. This phobia tends to be more prevalent as soon as a disaster occurs. This has been the case since the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. At first, there was no doubt that the aircraft [...]


Interview with sophrologist Delphine Bourdet

Delphine Bourdet is not unknown to Sophro Actu readers. The practical videos of this young sophrologist are regularly relayed in the reviews of the blog. It was therefore natural to meet him in order to know a little more about his journey. Hello Delphine, where are you from? What was your life before sophrology? Hello [...]


Sophrology exercises to manage stress at work

Little sophro break at the office. The stress is there. So let's forget for a few minutes the files to be completed and the next crucial meeting to come. Let’s restrain the intense rhythm that has been embracing us since the start of the day with a few sophrology exercises. Doctissimo and the sophrologist Delphine [...]

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