sophrology to ease eye fatigue

The causes of the fatigue ocular are very diverse and often depend on each person. However, certain situations favor1 appearance of this exhaustion: too long driving time, poor lighting or even glasses not adapted to the vision. And at the top of that list is heightened exposure to screens. Whether it's a computer, a television [...]


Sophrology as a pillar on this national caregivers day

Adopting the hat of the role helper often represents a drastic change in a person's life. The organization of the days is completely questioned. In effect, the caregiver must now adapt his daily life to that of his close, in order to be able to help him face his loss of autonomy. As in testifies [...]


find support through sophrology

the stressrelated to this trauma, and the isolation that this can generate then represent a significant load on the health mental and physique of these people. Indeed, this Post-traumatic stress can lead to sleep and eating disorders as well as health problems related to stress (muscular tensions, migraines, skin problems etc.). Over time, this can [...]


It is possible to train for the profession of sophrologist in a foreign language!

For the first time in France, a sophrology school is offering its training in 7 languages. A great novelty that makes the sophrologist profession internationally accessible. Crossing language barriers was the wish of Catherine Aliotta, Director of the Sophrology Training Institute. His school will be delivering training courses to Become Sophrologist next spring in 6 [...]


Sophrologist: the respect of professional ethics

A sophrologist is a therapist, professional in the helping relationship and as such, must follow very specific rules. Compliance with these rules is essential to protect the client, the profession and the sophrologist himself. Here are the main ethical rules to which sophrologists are subject: Respect for confidentiality: Individually, in a group, in a practice, [...]

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Companies are increasingly calling on sophrologists!

Inspired by yoga, hypnosis and zen, sophrology is gradually taking over businesses. Sophrologist Catherine Aliotta explains the benefits. The positive effects of sophrology are now recognized by the medical profession and outside: decrease in anxiety and stress, fighting insomnia and certain addictions, improve your concentration and its sports results, etc. It is quite natural that [...]


6 tips from the World Health Organization to manage stress

We are worried about our health, that of loved ones, the future, our jobs, the economy, the return to social life… It is rare to find someone who is not impacted in one way or another. other by what we experience. Here are the 6 tips from the World Health Organization to manage your stress [...]


Sophrology to manage frustration at work

Dissatisfaction and lack of recognition at work are sources of employees’ feeling of frustration. If it is very often the result of managerial problems, this unpleasant emotion can nevertheless be defused thanks to a few simple reflexes. According to a recent study *, more than half of managers believe that their company does not unlock [...]


Know how to strike a balance between professional and personal life

According to figures released last year by the World Health Organization, more than one in two French people would be stressed by their work. Stress is one thing, being overwhelmed by your professional activity to the detriment of your personal life is another. To privilege your career is often to want to do well, or [...]


a sophrology session to prevent burnout

Some consider it the new evil of the century: the burnout or burnout syndrome spares no category of workers. Whether they are nurses, gendarmes or farmers, a total of more than 3 million working people are said to be threatened by this scourge. So, how to prevent burnout? This is what offers Alain Lancelot, sophrologist [...]

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