Discover the advantages of the profession of sophrologist!

As in all professions, being a sophrologist has positive sides as well as constraints. In this article, we explain the advantages of being a sophrologist.

Have you ever considered doing a retraining towards the profession of sophrologist? Beyond doing a job that is a real passion, another word often comes up when sophrologists praise the merits of their profession: freedom.

You do not have a boss

Indeed, you make your decisions without having to report to anyone. You go at your own pace, you can imprint your personality on your activity, because you take all decisions. It can bring a lot of satisfaction. When your phone rings with requests, you take pride in doing a good job of communicating and prospecting. When support ends and your client is satisfied, you are proud to have done a good job.

You work when you want to

You may very well decide to start your days at 11am in the morning, because before you do your shopping, cleaning and swimming. You can decide to end your consultations at 10 p.m., because the evening slots are of interest to people who work. Maybe you only go to work while your children are in school.

It can be a complement

Sometimes the sophrologist profession is a complement. Out of taste or need, you cannot quit your main job. You can do sessions only on Saturday morning to allow you to start your activity. And if it works, who knows, later it may become your main activity or your only activity?

Some people become sophrologists at the end of their professional life. They wish to be a therapist when they are at retirement. This makes it possible to maintain a social bond and to have a additional income.

And you, have you ever considered become a sophrologist ? Tell us about your experience in the comments or on our Facebook page.