Less pain, more energy, better sleep … These are just some of the benefits cited by people who suffer from fibromyalgia after sophrology sessions!

Tension worsens pain

Indeed, when we are tense we focus even more on what is wrong. The dynamic relaxation exercises (adapted to each person’s limitations) will allow you to relax physically and mentally. From the third session, the results are clear. Especially, if the exercises are practiced daily outside the sessions at the sophrologist’s office, because this allows to maintain the state of relaxation and to be less deprived in case of significant stress.

Visualize the decrease in pain

Sophrology also acts on the pain itself, through techniques that divert attention. An example, the sophrologist can offer you to visualize the pain: its shape (pointed, spicy …), its color (red, purple, black …), its material (iron, barbed wire …). Then they will suggest that you modify this pain: if it was sharp, it would round off. If it was red, it turns pink. If it was made of iron, it turns into velvet.

Regain movement

Sometimes people with fibromyalgia have a frozen body. The gentle movements performed in sophrology make it possible to rediscover movement, to put the patient back in a positive dynamic, to restore energy and vitality.

Sophrology does not replace medical treatment but can be an excellent accompaniment allowing the person who suffers to find greater autonomy in their care.

People who have had sophrology sessions report greater general well-being, better sleep, less fatigue and a significant reduction in pain.

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