The coronavirus epidemic currently affects more than 155 countries around the world. Many of us in Europe follow total containment guidelines. All this is far from trivial for the mind and for the body. Sophro News explains how sophrology can be a great ally in overcoming fear.

How can fear be harmful to our health?

We are scared. Of course, this fear is legitimate, but the more intense and lasting it is, the more it risks impacting us. Fear makes us secrete adrenaline, which puts us on high alert. We are in a state of stress permanent.

All of this is not neutral from a mental health point of view. This type of event can generate strong anxiety that some people find difficult to control. Symptoms such as emotional fatigue, sleeping troubles, fear of others, tendency to hypochondria, are observed.

A sophrology exercise to overcome fear

According to sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, “sophrology with its exercises muscle relaxation, controlled breathing and positive visualizations is perfectly suited to manage stress and anxiety. Indeed, its frequent practice allows to calm the body and the mind in a lasting way ”.

Here is a sophrology exercise to help you deal with fear:

Sequence to repeat 3 times to the right and 3 times to the left:

  • You are standing with your feet parallel to the width of your pelvis, your back straight, your shoulders relaxed, your head straight. Your eyes are open. Raise your left arm horizontally in front of you, hand open and outstretched
  • Bring the right fist under the right armpit while inhaling through the nose
  • Hold the breath for a few seconds
  • Meanwhile, look ahead as if your fear is materialized right there. It can have the shape, the size, the color you want to give it (a well-filled trash bag, a green monster, a red shapeless mass… take the first image that comes to you, spontaneously)
  • Throw your right fist in front of you, blowing strongly through your mouth at the same time, to explode your fears.
  • Breathe naturally
  • For a few seconds, observe your physical and mental sensations by closing your eyes.

Then you can do the same thing by reversing the arms (the right arm is raised in front of you and the left makes the movements).

At the end of the 6 repetitions (3 times on the left, 3 times on the right) hold your breath by bringing your two fists under your armpits and throw your two arms forward at the same time.

Remember to close your eyes and pay attention to your feelings at the end of each movement.

Repeat this exercise at least once a day.

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