Full back? When sophrology does good …

Léa Gluszak, sophrologist and osteopath takes stock of the contribution of sophro techniques to get better.

It was first in osteopathy that Léa graduated in 2008. And it was one of her teachers of osteopathy who suggested that she discover sophro. It was logical, “especially for the work of loosening the diaphragm. Better oxygenation of the human body is better health. “

For the young therapist, if we often speak of back pain as the disease of the century, the expression is a cliché. “Even if a lot of pain is linked to stress, lack of sleep, especially for the dorsal, cervical and lumbar spine. »60% of pains are believed to be caused by stress.

Relaxation, obtained using sophrology techniques, is therefore good. It occurs rather easily. With a little training, you can also replace a painful sensation with a pleasant sensation, “but it’s a learning process,” says Léa.

When the patients are not ready, Léa integrates sophro techniques, very gently, during the osteopathic session. It also happens that certain bodies, locked in their tensions, are not “manipulable”. Where the two disciplines also converge is when they allow people who suffer, as the sessions go by, to become aware of their body in order to better tame it. “This is a step to develop what is called health potential,” added Léa.

Learning to relax therefore, but also advancing on the path of autonomy so that our body is no longer foreign, this is motivating to treat the back. And carry a little less weight every day.

Luc Biecq