I sleep badly, I try the sophro?

Morpheus, god of sleep, does not open his arms so easily. Delphine Sudre, a sophrologist in Levallois, explains how sophrology can help to find pretty soothing nights.

Why do we consult?

People who consult Delphine Sudre have an impaired quality of sleep. It is therefore important to remind everyone of the importance of this nocturnal rest, ” which repairs the evils of the past day As Delphine says. ” It would be a shame to get used to sleeping badly, especially since we have the resources to fix it. Having the resources does not mean that it is easy to remedy these difficulties yourself. Rather, it is about becoming aware of our own abilities.

How is a session going?

During these sessions, a dozen in general, the sophrologist transmits tools adapted to the needs of the people who come to see him. They gradually become autonomous. The general idea is to manage to evacuate the tensions of the body and the mind during the bedtime rituals.

“To keep tension away from the body and head, we offer exercises such as the protective blanket to ‘pull security to yourself’, with the aim of improving the quality of your sleep without taking medication.” It is therefore possible, provided that we manage, as often, to break this vicious circle which pushes our brain to “spin”, before falling asleep or in the middle of the night. We learn to sleep again, thanks to frequent and repeated exercises.

Is it immediate?

No, it takes a little time, the practitioner does not have a magic wand. We do not solve sleep problems in one hour of sophrology session per week. The result is not immediately appreciated. This requires respecting a rhythm, applying adapted techniques, without forgetting to observe its progress with kindness.

Luc Biecq