Institut Curie: Study on the benefits of sophrology

Over the years, studies have continued to highlight the interest of sophrology in supporting patients, particularly those suffering from serious pathologies.

Recognized as one of the support treatments * in the last Cancer Plan 2014-2019 set up by the government, sophrology seems to be more and more acclaimed by the patients and the teams that accompany them.

The Institut Curie offers, within its structure, since 2007, sophrology sessions. An observational study was thus carried out with two groups of women suffering from non-metastasized breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


This treatment is both long and heavy. The vast majority of people on treatment complain of fatigue, side effects and anxiety.

To cope with this time perceived as difficult, the sophrology sessions could thus have all legitimacy with regard to the effects normally brought by this method.

Two study groups

The study looked at 41 women between the ages of 26 and 66, with a median age of 51. The first group included 22 women following the sessions during their treatment. The second was made up of 19 women who started the sessions at the end and after their chemotherapy treatment.

For the first group, the anxiety and quality of life indices between the start and the end of the sessions were significantly improved. The nausea may have been reduced. However, no incidence has been reported with regard to signs of fatigue or insomnia. An average score of 8.5 / 10 was assigned to the effects of the sessions by this group.

The second group reported, unlike the first, a favorable effect on sleep. The quality of life is perceived, again in clear improvement. The sessions also seem to have had a beneficial impact on episodes of anxiety and nausea.

The average delivered by this group was 8.37 / 10.

Conclusive results

Positive feedback which, of course, should be weighed because it is an observational study, but which overlaps with the feedback from many cancer patients who have chosen sophrology as supportive care *.

The results of this study are available in the latest issue of the journal Care number 800 dated November 2015.


* supportive care: supportive care means all care that can complement a traditional treatment to help him fight his disease and get better