The more the years pass, the more the are become warm, and it is not likely to stop. Indeed, these are, conducive to Forest fires, apparently won’t be the last, “The worst would probably be yet to come”. According to a IPCC report4 (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the number of fires may multiply over time.

The fact that the number of Forest fires is constantly increasing is indeed not good news for the firefighters who will have to turn off more and more of fires over time. A pressure for these fire soldiers which is actually hard to bear.

From their formation, firefighters must learn to work in extreme conditions. Indeed, the environment in which they work is very unusual: their safety equipment and tools are usually very heavy and bulky. They must therefore carry heavy loads throughout their mission, which represents a certain pressure sometimes difficult to manage. Moreover, the burdens are not only physical but also mental. They have to deal with situations all the more extremes each other without losing their cool. The constant urgency and having certain people’s lives in their hands often brings great stress. So in order not to crack under the pressure, the sophrology is an excellent method to apply in the barracks.