Managing nausea during pregnancy with sophrology

If you are pregnant and looking for natural remedies for nausea and vomiting, here are some sophrology exercises very simple to help you brilliantly manage these maternity disorders.

It’s especially during the first semester of pregnancy that nausea and vomiting are emerging. During this period, the massive release of hormones causes body changes and sharpens the senses. According to the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, author of the book Sophrology and perinatality, 50 to 80% of women experience nausea and vomiting during the first three months of pregnancy. But, she reassures: ” These manifestations tend to subside by the fourth month ” Fortunately, sophrology is particularly effective for relieve women of pregnancy symptoms.

Passing morning sickness

And it’s right out of bed that nausea can arise. Sometimes eating or drinking helps calm the urges to vomit. But before that, it is possible to make a small anti nausea sophrology exercise, while lying in bed.


Close your eyes and focus on the feeling of the body lying on the mattress, perceive your supports which sink gently into the bed. Then, hands placed at rib level, try to open the rib cage very slowly with each breath. Perceive the freshness of the air at the edge of the nostrils, then in the respiratory tract. Feel it take place in the lungs and then throughout the chest area. Let your ribs open a little more with each breath as if your body is trying to free itself from the unpleasant sensations tucked around the stomach and diaphragm. Repeat the exercise as much as you want.

In the face of odors, manage the gagging

During the pregnancy, the senses seem to multiply, particularly in terms of taste and smell. For the better, but also for the worse. The slightest little unpleasant smell can quickly become very uncomfortable for pregnant woman. Even a previously pleasant smell can causedisgust.

For to counter odors that are difficult to bear, nothing like putting your nose to rest. When sitting or lying down, close your eyes, and breathe in like through a straw through your mouth. Perceive the freshness at the edge of the lips and the air which rolls on your tongue and up to the windpipe. Blow through your nose as if to remove the unpleasant smell. Do this several times and slowly to keep the heart rate as calm as possible.

Do not hesitate to combine this exercise with a visualization synonymous with lightness and freshness. For example, imagine your body floating in a star in the water of a swimming pool. Try to feel the sensation of water on your skin and the sound of its clicking. Perceive your body for a moment, your senses multiplied only for your good pleasure.