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It’s summer, so it’s an opportunity to relaunch our little sophro panoramas. The last one already dates from December 2013. It was mainly devoted to burnout.

Precisely July (already ending) and August (starting soon) are times when you need to take the opportunity to take a long break, and win daily and professional contingencies. The team of Sophro News fervently hope that you will manage to let go, to ventilate yourself, to rest your body and your mind, to create real zen beaches, to breathe therefore.

Sophrology and fear of flying

Going away is a way to disconnect completely. But going far away often means flying. Recent dramatic news is worrying. It can transform certain apprehensions into real phobia. It is to reassure their most anxious customers that the airlines set up internships to help them overcome their fear. France 2 in fact a report during a recent news (at 11 minutes).

Sophrology supports this type of anxiety very well. Here are some very simple exercises presented by Delphine Bourdet and advice from Catherine Aliotta.

Air travel remains the safest form of transportation. According to a survey published very recently in the Journal du Dimanche, 38% of French people place it in front of the train and the car.

Sophrology is the subject of attention in many media. This is the case, for example, Epoch times, a newspaper distributed in 35 countries. On the French version of its site, the magazine invites its readers to try sophrology. His article also mentions Sophrology News in his sources.

From hairdressing to sophrology

Nordéclair has just posted a interview of Caroline Labouré who worked for twenty years in hairdressing before becoming a sophrologist. If you like the path of sophrologists, know that a favorite online magazine offers many in the Interview section.

Sophrology course for children

Draw their indoor weather. This is what a Belgian association proposed, with the help of the sophrologist Françoise Singer, to children from 6 to 8 years old. During this course, which lasted two mornings, the children could become aware, through movement and play that we can learn, while having fun, of the things that do good, indicates the practitioner.

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