Stress, this enemy of well-being, also affects desire. Fatigue, our hectic life rhythms are other factors that – combined with the former – lead to the falling asleep of libido.

We often evoke the practice of sophrology to act on quantities of disorders and other disorders, but among these dysfunctions we rarely touch on those concerning sexuality.

Moreover, we find that the field is rarely mentioned in the profiles of sophrologists we have interviewed so far.

Publicity published an article on the subject very recently. The ticket – titled Boost your libido with sophrology and written in collaboration with Catherine Aliotta – explains that to put the machine back in working order you must empty and make yourself available.

The paper describes three exercises that help achieve these goals. These movements will allow patients to get rid of their tensions, refocus and relieve fatigue.

These are simple gestures that can be practiced at home, just before giving in to the most invigorating sensuality.

Read the article.

Small question to our sophrologist readers: how do you approach this subject when it presents itself to you?