The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the obligation of containment that goes with it, are an opportunity for many people to show what is best in humans.

A wave of solidarity and support is spreading all over the planet. Social networks are an important aid in spreading these good initiatives everywhere.

Here are some examples :

1 – Go shopping for the neighbors

Indeed, in several countries, people have stuck words on the elevator or in the corridors of their building by offering more fragile neighbors to go shopping for them. It’s a great initiative when we know that the disease is more risky for the elderly.

2 – Sing

From China to Italy and to South America, singers and musicians organize concerts to the delight of their neighbors.

3 – Sports, dance, games… everyone at home

Sports teachers give lessons on terraces, websites publish songs so that everyone starts dancing at the same time. Being everyone at home is no excuse for not exchanging!

4 – Applause to the medical teams

This symbolic gesture has spread throughout Europe. Every day at the same time, citizens applaud the efforts and courage of medical teams during this crisis.

5 – Manufacture and donation of masks

In a great spirit of solidarity, many people make fabric masks and donate in the neighborhood or to traders.

And you, what are your tips for staying positive during confinement? Share them with us in the comments or on our Facebook page!