Sophrology and disease support

A sophrologist can accompany people sick with cancer, suffering from fibromyalgia, tinnitus, depression among others … Find out how his support complements a doctor’s.

The patient is a person

We hear more and more about integrative medicine. This means that gradually, we realize that a patient is much more than his sick organ. It is obviously necessary and a priority in some cases to take an interest in the disease. But if we take the example of a person who has cancer, they may have other issues to deal with related to their disease or their treatments: pervasive physical pain, fear, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lack of confidence, loss of self-esteem, accepting physical changes So many questions which can turn their life upside down and which must be accompanied for the general well-being of the patient.

A sophrologist is a perfectly suited professional  for this support

This does not mean that their support can replace a doctor’s. Any sophrologist will seek to know during the first consultation whether the person who comes to the office is also being followed by a doctor. Not doing so would be a risk: depriving this person of support adapted to their case, reducing their chances of recovery, giving them a false image of sophrology and violating the sophrologist’s code of ethics. Indeed, it clearly stipulates that sophrologists do not replace medical treatments, do not prescribe and clearly inform about the limits of the technique.


Fortunately, many doctors and other medical personnel are already won over by sophrology and do not hesitate to combine the two. Sophrology sessions are therefore offered at the Institut Curie in Paris for cancer patients, and hospitals welcome sophrologists at the bedside or in group sessions for the management of anxiety or pain. ENTs will very easily prescribe sophrology sessions to their patients suffering from tinnitus. Many general practitioners refer their stressed and anxious patients to sophrologists.

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