Sophrology and medically assisted procreation pathway

Desiring a child above all else and facing the shock of infertility is often a painful ordeal for a couple. The path to Medically Assisted Human Reproduction (PMA) that more and more women and men take each year is long, fraught with difficulties and complex. It may have been lived as a journey where medical acts, tests and treatments transform everyday life into a succession of fights, big and small. Stress, sadness, disappointment, jealousy, but also hope and expectation.

Difficult sometimes for those who have embarked on this adventure of not losing ground, drowned in the emotions and the side effects of the treatments. Sophrology is then a precious method of accompaniment. Indeed, Sophrology has a lot to offer as a tool for letting go, balance and self-confidence. Especially since feeling good in your head and in your body, having morale and being serene optimizes the chances of success of an IVF or an insemination.

Sophrology makes it possible to be reconciled and reconnected with this sometimes rejected body, to discover breathing and relaxation techniques, to better experience the bodily modifications due to treatments but also to tame the fears linked to the PMA protocol.


The alliance between work on the body and that on the mind and the search for balance between the two takes on its full meaning, all the more so in cases of unexplained infertility.

And a sophronized to testify: ” As the sessions progressed, I reconnected with my body. This body that I ended up rejecting, hating because it didn’t allow me to have a child. This reconciliation allowed me to open up again, to listen to the messages of my body, to learn to love it. Quickly, I found a balance. The lack of children was still present but Sophrology allowed me to step back, regain confidence in myself and in my body.

Sophrology also makes it possible to prepare each step of the PMA protocol by visualizing a positive experience of successive interventions: ovarian stimulation, puncture of the follicles and transfer of the embryo for IVF, Insemination for IAC and IAD. It is also a question of preparing positively for the upcoming pregnancy.

“Armed with this new serenity, we have embarked on a fourth artificial insemination. I practiced Sophrology on a daily basis to prepare for insemination. Thanks to this training, this last insemination took place in joy and good humor. And it worked, I got pregnant! Explains a young woman who was accompanied by a Sophrologist.

Complementary to the classic care of infertile couples, Sophrology allows positive reinvestment of his body and his childhood project to experience this complicated but very wonderful way of birth in a different way.

Author: Laura Caldironi, Sophrologist.