For many adolescents, spring is synonymous with revisions, with its share of anxiety and insomnia. Sophrology can help them!

Approaching exams, stress goes up, nights get shorter, sleep is less quality and for some anguish is very present. Anxiety is counterproductive because it destroys our abilities. Sophrology’s goal is helping the teenager get into a good state of mind. Why ? Because beyond revision and assimilation that is essential to the success of an exam, the state of mind plays a central role when it comes to mobilizing knowledge.

Why sophrology?

Sophrology makes it possible to act on several levels: stress management, learn to relax physically (very useful for students who stay sit for a long time) and mentally. This technique allows to learn to calm down through breathing. By learning these exercises beforehand, when D day arrives, teenagers will know how to manage anxiety, and therefore will not allow themselves to be overwhelmed.


The key role of visualization

To visualize is to build an image of what is going to happen. This technique gives information to the brain that it will go well. By visualizing themselves being quiet and confident, they really will be. The brain, not knowing how to distinguish what is experienced and what is imagined, really believes that this young person has already gone through this examination several times and that it went very well!

Sophrology will therefore help adolescents be in control of their emotions and thus be calm and relaxed on this much expected day.

What about you, have you ever had sophrology sessions to manage stress? How did it go? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments or sure our Facebook page!