sophrology popular in high school and kindergarten

In Haute-Garonne, high school and kindergarten students benefit from sophrology sessions in their school. France 3 went to meet these schoolchildren, as well as teachers who wanted to use the method in the field of education.

Calm reigns in this high school class, and for good reason: the day starts with a sophrology session. It is a former teacher, himself, trained in the method, who performs the session for the students. Its objective: to promote student success, without stress.

“65% of French schoolchildren are stressed, 15 points higher than the world average, so French schoolchildren are the most stressed in the world. It is not only the children who are involved. The teacher needs to rediscover this contact with the human beings that are the students. “


In this high school, teachers immediately felt the interest of these sophrology sessions, and the students there are many benefits: “At the beginning, it was a bit complicated, we were distracted, we had giggles and then little by little, by persevering, it’s true that we see results, we see that we calm down, that we calm down, we start the course better, ”explains one of these students.

Sophrology also applies to the little ones, with the setting up of sessions in a nursery school Occitan. Here, sophrology came soothe children’s anxieties, as a real educational tool.

Watch the report by France 3 below: