France 2’s show, I love you etc animated by Daphne Bürki looked at the beneficial effects of sophrology on the couple, and even on sexuality.

It’s Hélène, a TV viewer who wondered if sophrology could help her in her relationship as a couple: ” A friend advised me to go to a sophrologist to talk about my concerns about my couple, is this a good idea?“.

To try to answer his question, Alexandre Jonette, columnist of the show did not hesitate to test a sophrology session. The idea: to understand how the method could allowimprove romantic relationships.


Alexandre Jonette went to the office of a sophrologist and first asked him to help him manage emotions on a daily basis. He explains which sophrology exercise the specialist advised him to drain the emotional overflow.

The columnist also wanted to be able to live quality moments with loved ones. He explains how sophrology helped him find the answer to his question.

Alexandre Jonette ends his column by evoking the consequences of stress on male libido and how sophrology can help men regain fulfilled sexuality. Discover in this video which anti-stress sophrology exercise the therapist suggested it during the session.

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