We live in a very special moment: confinement. Our habits are upset and our relationships with our loved ones too. It’s not easy to spend the whole day locked up in an apartment with your children and your spouse. They want your attention when you have to work! Discover a sophrology exercise to help you decompress.

The ideal is to be able to isolate yourself. Go to the bathroom, the toilet … Where you are sure you can stay 5 minutes without being asked.

Standing, feet apart from the width of the pelvis, arms alongside the body, your eyes are closed. Breathing in through your nose, close your fists, imagining you get irritability. To help you, you can imagine taking suitcases, bags, trash bags in your hands… Filled with everything that annoys you. Hold your breath for a few seconds with your shoulders up and down. Your arms accompany the movement and the “bags” too. After a few seconds, you can breathe strongly by opening your hands. At the same time, you imagine that you are throwing irritability.

You can do this same sequence 3 times. The more you do it, the less you will feel dominated by irritability!