Sophrology during pregnancy it is well known. But did you know that sophrology can also help you after baby is born?

The sophrologist Catherine Aliotta gives us 3 examples of accompaniments for young mothers.

Sophrology to reconnect to oneself

Often, young mothers feel overwhelmed and can even go as far as a sort of identity crisis: ” Who am I, apart from being a mother? Sophrology can allow her to reconnect with her past values, which motivated the woman to have a child through exercises bringing her back to childhood: what did it mean to her to be a mom when she was just a little girl, playing doll? And, today, what does this new status mean, what will she transmit to her child?

Sophrology to reassure

Sophrology can also allow moms to secure themselves, to reassure themselves in relation to their skills, to gain self-confidence.


When the maternal instinct does not come not

If the difficulty of creating a mother-child bond continues for a few weeks after birth, sophrology can, through situation projections (we give the meal, the bath, we walk with the stroller …), help develop attachment links.
But, if after a month the problem persists, it is advisable to consult.

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