Tako tsubo and sophrology – Sophrology News

The body and the mind are intimately linked.

Some estimate, as such, that nearly 80% of diseases are of psychological origin. The placebo effect is no longer a legend, since a large number of scientific cohorts have been able to echo the impact of the mind in fighting a disease.

A new phenomenon detected in Japan is today talking about it: tako tsubo. This syndrome would mainly affect menopausal women. The latter would develop cardiovascular complications comparable to a heart attack, following an emotional shock and in particular a sentimental rupture or the loss of a loved one.


Sophrology being a psycho-corporal technique, the accompaniment of a person in sentimental suffering by sophrological techniques could make it possible to avoid these cardiac complications.

The sophrologist Catherine Aliotta wrote for the magazine The Huffington Post a full article on the role of sophrology to overcome heartache, click here to consult it and discover in more detail this phenomenon of tako tsubo.