the action of sophrology on the rules

At the end of April, the ANSM1 decided to measure the consequences of vaccine anti covid on the rules. For this, the agency has collected many testimonies. These were based on the opinion of women having felt significant changes in their cycle menstrual since their vaccine against the Covid-19. Whether after the first or last dose, the reason for the appearance of these troubles would not yet be well defined. However, the ANSM selected the most probable hypotheses. The reactogenicity2 (side effects related to vaccine) could have caused an infection in some people and disrupted their hormones.

the stress would then be the second hypothesis of these changes. anxiety linked to the vaccination and the Covid-19 pandemic could be part of the disturbing elements of the cycle menstrual. Other hypotheses have been put forward accusing gynecological diseases or contraceptive treatments of being responsible. However, none of all these hypotheses have yet to be proven.