Difficult for you to imagine the daily life of a sophrologist? This article explains everything to you.

When you imagine your retraining finally successful and you imagine yourself a sophrologist, you probably imagine yourself leading sessions. Indeed, this is what occupies a good part of the daily life of the sophrologist. But did you know that there are different kinds of sessions?

Individual sessions

You receive your clients in your office which you have decorated to your liking. But don’t think you’ll spend all day doing the same thing! Indeed, a sophrologist receives a large maximum of 6 or 7 clients during the day but each session is completely different. The exercises that you are going to suggest to everyone will have been personalized beforehand. So even in case you have Juliette at 2pm and Arthur at 4pm both suffering from insomnia, the two sessions will certainly be very different.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to vary your sessions because you will also receive children, adolescents… For whom you are going to create much more fun sessions. You may also receive elderly or pregnant women which again require special adaptation and attention.

Group sessions

Yes, instead of being one-to-one with your client, you have a group of 3, 5 or maybe 10 people. You can receive them in your practice, but you can also move!

In fact, sophrology sessions do not always take place in your practice. You can very well offer sessions on Mondays at kindergarten to get the little ones off to a good start to the week. Perhaps you will go on Tuesday for sessions for the hospital staff who needs to manage stress. On Wednesday you will go for corporate sessions, where employees are exhausted and need tools for better rest and better sleep. Who knows on Thursday you will go to the neighborhood high school to give the teenagers tools to manage fear of exams. And you never know, you can end your week by doing a session for a football team that needs to work on self-confidence.


The profession of sophrologist can be very adaptable according to your desires, your tastes, your possibilities. Some sophrologists work part-time and devote the rest of the time to another activity. Some stay-at-home parents only open their closets when the children are in school. Some sophrologists are already at retirement and only practice their new job on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, because that’s how they want to manage their time!

And outside of the sessions?

But contrary to what you may imagine, the sophrologist does not just lead sessions. The sophrologist will also prepare them. Indeed, all your sessions are perfectly personalized. This is also what makes your clients come back to see you: you build your sessions especially for them, because the sophrologist is totally attentive to each person’s needs.

You will therefore have the opportunity to deploy your imagination and create a visualization especially for the little 6-year-old Julia who lacks self-confidence, and for whom the symbol of confidence is Elsa, the Snow Queen! You will allow Pierre, a young dynamic executive, to visualize himself speaking at his next monthly meeting and finally being able to say everything he thinks about to his team. You’ll also take a close look at how the dynamic exercises fit Clara, who is 7 months pregnant and bedridden.

And you, does the profession of sophrologist appeal to you? Have you already undertaken a professional retraining? Tell yourself in the comments or on our Facebook page!