when the patients practice sophrology

Faced with late diagnoses or the lack of effective treatment, many people with fibromyalgia turn to sophrologists for pain management. On the occasion of World Fibromyalgia Day, to be held on May 12, Sophro actu takes stock of the help provided by sophrology.

2 to 5% of the population suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that causes muscle and joint pain throughout the body. Particularly debilitating, the disease leads to fatigue, mood disorders and disturbs the quality of sleep. Sophrology proves to be an interesting alternative to promote the management of pain as well as disorders associated with the disease.

Sophrology to manage fibromyalgia pain

Not all drug treatments are effective in reducing the intensity of fibromyalgia pain. More and more people with fibromyalgia are turning to sophrologists to manage their pain. Through specific exercises, the sophrologist helps the patient to decrease the intensity of unpleasant bodily feelings. The patient then becomes aware of his ability to relieve his pain and thus finds a feeling of control of his illness.

But sophrology is also a great help in reducing stress. Stress tends to make the pain worse. Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation practiced daily will help the patient to break this hellish spiral.

Regain a balance in life despite illness

The risk when you have fibromyalgia is that you can’t find a break. The sick person is permanently under physical and mental stress, his quality of sleep deteriorates, fatigue sets in and it becomes difficult for him to manage his emotions. This is why many patients are referred to sophrologists by their treating physicians. The therapist’s role here is to offer the patient a break devoted to listening to his body, his feelings, his emotions. This essential step lowers the general tension level. Then, by activating pleasant and positive feelings, the person being monitored becomes aware of their ability to live other than through illness.

If necessary, a few sleep sessions can be offered by the sophrologist to quickly find restful nights.