A sophro exercise to relieve stress from the plane

Valérie Damido, the very friendly host of M6, refuses to fly. Her fear of traveling by aircraft was born after a flight to Thailand which did not go very well: the twin-engine aircraft she had taken had landed in trees *.

We know thatAir France has implemented anti-stress courses for a few years. These sessions are led by a number of speakers, including sophrologists.

Sophrology allows, through very simple exercises, to cope with this type of anxiety and fear.

Here is an intervention by Delphine Bourdet, sophrologist at Synactiv Santé, during which four exercises combining breathing and positive thinking are proposed.

The video was made for the website Yahoo! For them.

Maybe sophro would be a solution for Valérie Damido. A few sessions could help him come to terms with the big metal birds and allow him, who knows, to participate in an upcoming season of Beijing Express.

You have consulted a sophrologist to work on your phobias, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments of this post or to contact us on the form.

* Source: tvmag.lefigaro.fr

M.a.j. March 03, 2014: the video is no longer available on the Yahoo! For them.