It is this Sunday, September 21, that the 21st edition of the World Alzheimer’s Day. A meeting that will mobilize 36 countries, including France. Many events will take place throughout the territory: conferences, shows, marches, sporting challenges, exhibitions, symposia, etc.

Sophrologists will also mobilize. of the Alzheimer villages organize sophrology workshops. This is particularly the case for Ajaccio, who will offer a session for carers between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. (more information here).

Sophrology can help patients, but also relatives and caregivers. “The family is also under real stress ”, written Catherine Aliotta, In a new article called Alzheimer’s disease: sophrology is involved and published very recently on the site of Huffington post (also taken up by Huff Post Maghreb).

“29% of caregivers feel anxious and stressed, and 25% feel physical and moral fatigue […] Sophrology makes it possible to work to release its tensions, to release itself from its anxiety or its distress by simple exercises and which can be easily reproduced », specifies the sophrologist.

If you too are leading a session on this day, please let us know.