how to recover from a heartbreak?

As Élisabeth de Madre, a clinical psychologist, explains, " the friendly breakup2 can be considered a real grief ". It is therefore important not to experience this form of grief and to be monitored, if necessary, by professionals. Moreover, the sophrology positions itself as that accompaniment therapeutic and strives to improve the daily lives of [...]


Well-being at work: companies rely on sophrology!

Today, more and more companies are concerned1 about the well-being of their employees and their quality of life at work. So to ensure this well-being, some companies will therefore call on sophrologists to improve daily professional life. But how can sophrology help the well-being of employees? [...] The article Well-being at work: companies rely on [...]

The Sud-Ouest chain dances with sophrology!

Sophrologist specializing in mental preparation in artistic and sporting environments, Marie Girard was invited on the set of L'instant bien-être on TV7 to talk about her job and its virtues as a mental preparation tool in classical dance. . Marie Girard, sophrologist in mental preparation [...] The article The South-West chain dances with sophrology! appeared [...]


sophrology, an asset to beat the heat

During the months of July and August 2022, the whole world could see the repercussions of the global warming : heat wave, fires, drought etc. In addition to having repercussions on the environment in general, the strong heat also have an impact on health. Migraine, dehydration, fainting: all these symptoms can be the consequences of [...]


Tobacco, alcohol, drugs: sophrology, an asset against addiction

There are different forms of addiction: tobacco, alcohol, drugs… Besides the dependent side of an addiction, it is also dangerous for a person's physical and mental health. In prevention or as an accompaniment, sophrology is an excellent method to control its consumption. Cancer: tobacco and alcohol pointed to [...] The article Tobacco, alcohol, drugs: sophrology, [...]


Europe 1 cultivates its happiness thanks to sophrology!

On July 23, European 1 tried to answer a question present in everyone's mind: how to find the happiness1 ? A very difficult question for which there is not only one answer. Indeed, the definition of happiness is completely different from person to person. Since everyone is different, it is normal that the answer to [...]

the usefulness of sophrology in the face of this type of cancer

In 2018, the lung cancer2 ranked third cancer the most common among the French. Although the number of men affected has stagnated for 40 years, among women the numbers are constantly increasing. The main reason for this strong growth: tobacco. In effect, the number of female smokers3 increased between 2010 and 2018 and played a [...]

Sophrologist: the respect of professional ethics

A sophrologist is a therapist, professional in the helping relationship and as such, must follow very specific rules. Compliance with these rules is essential to protect the client, the profession and the sophrologist himself. Here are the main ethical rules to which sophrologists are subject: Respect for confidentiality: Individually, in a group, in a practice, [...]

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Sophrology and disease support

A sophrologist can accompany people sick with cancer, suffering from fibromyalgia, tinnitus, depression among others ... Find out how his support complements a doctor's. The patient is a person We hear more and more about integrative medicine. This means that gradually, we realize that a patient is much more than his sick organ. It is [...]

Sophrology aims to make you independent

Have you ever hesitated to start counseling with a therapist for fear of becoming dependent on him? Find out in this article why you shouldn't be afraid of being dependent on your sophrologist! Sophrology is a simple technique. There are two kinds of sophrology exercises which are built around 3 elements: controlled breathing, muscle contraction [...]

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