Sophrologist: the respect of professional ethics

A sophrologist is a therapist, professional in the helping relationship and as such, must follow very specific rules. Compliance with these rules is essential to protect the client, the profession and the sophrologist himself. Here are the main ethical rules to which sophrologists are subject: Respect for confidentiality: Individually, in a group, in a practice, [...]

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Sophrology and disease support

A sophrologist can accompany people sick with cancer, suffering from fibromyalgia, tinnitus, depression among others ... Find out how his support complements a doctor's. The patient is a person We hear more and more about integrative medicine. This means that gradually, we realize that a patient is much more than his sick organ. It is [...]

Sophrology aims to make you independent

Have you ever hesitated to start counseling with a therapist for fear of becoming dependent on him? Find out in this article why you shouldn't be afraid of being dependent on your sophrologist! Sophrology is a simple technique. There are two kinds of sophrology exercises which are built around 3 elements: controlled breathing, muscle contraction [...]


Do you want to change your life? Sophrology can help you.

There are many who dream of a different life. Many want to change their place of life, their region, to be on a slower pace. Others want to give more meaning to their professional life, to find an activity that really "makes their soul sing". And yet, change often seems so difficult! Sometimes we have [...]


Helping others: a great source of joy for humans!

“Rivers don't drink their own waters. Trees don't eat their own fruit. The sun does not shine for itself. And the flowers do not exhale their fragrances for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. Life is good when you are happy, but life is much better when others are happy because of [...]

Sophrology: a simple technique to help regain sleep

It’s no secret that we live in a very stressed and stressful society. Insomnia and stress often go together: one being the cause and consequence of the other. Indeed, when we are stressed, even if very tired, the mind is so tense that instead of "collapsing" as soon as the head rests on the pillow, [...]


Have you ever heard of dynamic relaxation?

When we think of relaxation, we mostly think of something passive, not moving. However, half of a sophrology session is devoted to exercises that allow you to relax while on the move! How does it work? Relax! You probably have already heard it! But when we are stressed, how do we do it? It's simple [...]


How to stay slim during confinement?

The period of containment that we are going through brings its share of difficulties for everyone. Psychological for some, physical for others. And yes, it is difficult staying at home to say no to this package of cakes that makes us look and to be forced to limit our outings (sports, among others). The sophrology [...]

Solid outbursts of solidarity in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the obligation of containment that goes with it, are an opportunity for many people to show what is best in humans. A wave of solidarity and support is spreading all over the planet. Social networks are an important aid in spreading these good initiatives everywhere. Here are [...]

Do you know the superpowers of your brain?

Did you know that your brain does not tell the difference between something you are really experiencing and an imagined situation? And yes, this has already been scientifically proven: the same areas of your brain are activated when you imagine, for example, eating a lemon and when you actually do it. Go ahead, try it! [...]

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