Can anyone do sophrology sessions?

Sophrology is a very simple technique and one of its founding principles is adaptability. Concretely, this means that the sophrologist must adapt his session to his client and not expect his client to adapt to the sophrology. Children : from 4, 5 years. The sophrology session will not be the same as for an adult. [...]

Do you want to find peaceful nights? Test the sophrology!

Difficulty falling asleep, restless nights, frequent or early waking? Sophrology can help you sleep better. Here is an exercise to test this evening! To gain serenity at bedtime, here is a simple exercise, advised by sophrologist Catherine Aliotta. Indeed, at bedtime we no longer have images or sounds to distract us. It is often at [...]


Confinement: now is the time to empathize!

Empathy is the ability to understand others, to put themselves in their place. The coronavirus epidemic and containment are opportunities to exercise this empathy on a daily basis! Most of us have never experienced a crisis like this and we are afraid. Either for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the planet or [...]

Discover two sophrology exercises to be calm and focused!

Want to be Zen and positive? Sophrology is for you! Inspired by yoga, it helps you transform your dark thoughts into positive thoughts! Here are two exercises to practice at any time every day! Breathing to focus Let's start with a simple exercise, easy to do again and that helps with concentration. This exercise can [...]

Are you breathing badly? Stress is probably the big culprit

Do you feel like breathing badly? Know that stress is probably the culprit. Why can breathing, so natural, sometimes become a problem? If you don't have a respiratory condition, don't smoke and still feel like breathing badly, stress is surely the culprit. It directly affects your breathing, and the situation can quickly worsen in the [...]

Is confinement driving you crazy? Here are some tips to get better

The stress generated by an indefinite confinement combined with the fear of facing an illness have a strong impact on our balance. Today, we’re bringing you some tips for maintaining good mental health during confinement. 1) Physical activity is essential for maintaining mental health. Even at home, do not hesitate to put on music and [...]


Is the coronavirus epidemic forcing you to work at home?

In this context of the coronavirus epidemic, many of you are teleworking. Let’s dig into its positive sides and see some sophro tips to easily go through this period. It's good for health ! Based on a US scientific research, telecommuting is now proved to be healthier. Not only viruses can be caught at the [...]


Sophrology: new method for stress, anxiety and pain management

What is sophrology? Sophro News answers you! Find out why "sophro" is made for you and why you could become addicted! The word surprises you when you first hear it: "Sophro what?" In reality it is simple: sophrology is a method that creates harmony between body and mind. Essentially, it is a therapeutic technique which [...]


Coronavirus: fear impacts us, sophrology can help

The coronavirus epidemic currently affects more than 155 countries around the world. Many of us in Europe follow total containment guidelines. All this is far from trivial for the mind and for the body. Sophro News explains how sophrology can be a great ally in overcoming fear. How can fear be harmful to our health? [...]

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