Did you know that your brain does not tell the difference between something you are really experiencing and an imagined situation?

And yes, this has already been scientifically proven: the same areas of your brain are activated when you imagine, for example, eating a lemon and when you actually do it. Go ahead, try it! Imagine touching the lemon, feeling its skin in your hands, look at the color of the lemon, its shape… Imagine all the details of this lemon. Now cut it in half, smell its scent and then finally bring the lemon to your mouth. What’s going on ? Aren’t you salivating, making faces because of the acidity?

It’s nice to eat imaginary lemons, but this principle can also be used in a much more useful way. Indeed, that’s what sophrologists during a session: they offer visualization exercises. During these exercises you can feel calm during a walk in the mountains, you project being confident the next time you speak, or rediscovering the joy experienced during your last family vacation in the sun.

We try ?

Sitting or lying down, the most important thing is that you are comfortably seated. Breathe in deeply through your nose, then breathe out gently through your mouth. Continue another 2 or 3 times until you feel a sense of calm and relaxation arrive.

Let a pleasant memory come to you.

Rekindle this emotionally charged moment and let yourself go by stimulating your senses. Find in your memory images, perfumes, sounds, colors, sensations… And above all happy faces.

Take advantage of this memory to fill yourself with positive thoughts ! Fill yourself with these positive sensations and above all do not forget that you can find these sensations (by repeating this exercise) as many times as you want in your daily life.