There are many who dream of a different life. Many want to change their place of life, their region, to be on a slower pace. Others want to give more meaning to their professional life, to find an activity that really “makes their soul sing”. And yet, change often seems so difficult!

Sometimes we have inspiring examples around us. The accountant friend who set up a diving club in the tropics, the neighbor banker who became a therapist, the dentist cousin who left the city to raise chickens in the countryside … It is not uncommon for us to come to a point in life when we question our choices made previously and find that change is needed!

Obviously a lifestyle change does not happen necessarily quickly, especially if we want to do the right thing and consider the pros and cons of each option. But if you feel that momentum that comes from deep inside you, it could be interesting to explore the possibilities that are available to you.

Triggers for Life Change

The engine of change can sometimes be unintentional. A dismissal, an end of contract, a death …

Sometimes it’s totally unexpected: you come across the opportunity to seize, you meet a mentor or a partner, you feel obliged to leave a life situation that you can no longer stand …

Still other times it happens without knowing why: a momentum of the soul, a little inner voice And, then one day, we are ready, the project has slowly matured in our head and we realize that it is time to act.

Job dissatisfaction seems common these days. Many feel that they are not valued in their societies, that they cannot express themselves, that they are underpaid for the effort made, that they are not free enough … After a certain time, weariness and a feeling of having been cheated can set in, and this can be a good time to look elsewhere for meaning we no longer find.

This trend is developing and is reflected in an avalanche of conversions artistic or towards professions of well-being, creation of micro-enterprises, world tours … We are looking for a new life, more oriented towards the search for balance and personal development.

Sometimes radical reconversions, miles away from original aspirations or training

Our job occupies a third of our days:  we better like what we do. But, to achieve this fulfillment and make the important changes in your career, you must dare to think about the possible alternatives and be well informed about your professional reconversion before daring to undertake it.
Will this change require a shorter or longer period of training? Will it trigger the disapproval of loved ones? Does this reconversion entail significant financial stakes … ?

Follow your dreams 

If you want to get out of this mapped out existence, whether it is comfortable or not, you need above all a good dose of courage: relinquish apparent security, get out of your comfort zone, accept the unpredictable, do not allow yourself to be influenced by the accusing gaze of others when you go out of the way. It can be scary at first but those who do it usually don’t regret it!

Sophrology can help you !

Calming down your body and mind, learning to listen to yourself… Sophrology can be a great tool to help you discover what is best for you.

What about you, have you ever made a radical change in your life? A change of country region, a professional change ? Don’t hesitate to tell us your story in the comments or on our Facebook page!