Are you made to be a sophrologist?

Professional training in the careers of the helping relationship – personal development, relational help, emotions management, body therapy, etc. – are numerous.

All allow anyone who wants to support people in the helping relationship to quickly acquire skills.

But a question often comes up: does anyone can become a sophrologist?

Here are some of the characteristics that can make you a good sophrologist:

Being passionate about people

People who decide to train in a helping relationship profession are generally passionate about human. They are the embodiment of their method. What they pass on to others, they have above all been able to apply to themselves.

Know how to communicate

Do you like to communicate, interact with others? Are you a welcoming person, do you feel confortable explaining things to people?

Be well anchored

Do you feel like you are a stable, calm and patient person? Do you tend to react in haste and without prior thought? Are you able to control your emotions?

Have empathy

In this business, listening is much more important than speaking. You will listen to the people who consult you and establish a relationship of trust with them. Can you easily sense the other’s emotions? Can you put yourself in other people’s shoes? Do you know how to take into account the subjectivity of your interlocutors?

Do not judge

Are you able to welcome people who may be very different from you and have a neutral outlook on them? Don’t bring your own tastes, preferences, choices, into this relationship?

Be organized

Most of the time a sophrologist does not have a boss. This freedom has some very positive sides, but it also requires you to have a good sense of organization. What you don’t do will not be done by someone else. You need to have a minimum of organization to be a therapist, to be your own accountant, to manage your activity, your appointments, the follow-up files of your clients …

And you ? Have you ever imagined becoming a sophrologist? Have you made a professional retraining? Tell us about your experience in the comments or on our Facebook page!