Do we need to introduce her? An international supermodel, Gisele Bündchen is now also an ambassador for well-being and relaxation. And also sophrology as it would seem!  

Breathing: Gisele’s key technique

In the video that we share with you at the bottom of this article, we can discover Gisele Bündchen extolling the merits of alternate breathing. An exercise known to specialists in well-being who read us, to discover and try for novices in the matter. This method consists in pressing the left nostril in turn, then the right nostril, to circulate an air flow alternately, perfect tool to fight anxiety, alternate breathing helps calm the mind and clarify your ideas.

A hectic life then a desire for calm

Born in 1980 in Brazil, Gisele Bündchen imposed herself at a very young age in the modeling world by starting fashion shows at only 13. Her notoriety explodes a few years later when she becomes one of Victoria’s Secret Angels. Then follows an extraordinary career. She parades for the biggest names in fashion and becomes the face of many brands. Her remarkable career allows her to invest in several humanitary causes, in particular the fight against AIDS. She notably participates in I am African and also poses voluntarily for American Express Red Card, an initiative shared with Bono (of the group U2) to send funds to AIDS victims in Africa. It is therefore naturally after this hectic life that she turns herself to yoga, meditation, relaxation and advocates well-being. She shares her anti stress techniques today  to fight against anxiety and forge a calm mind in the face of the turmoil she experienced during her life.

Sophrology and celebrities, it’s a match!

Increasingly popular among celebrities today, sophrology allows them to manage their career with more perspective, keep their feet on the ground and refocus on the basics. It is therefore normal to see an increasing number of people, famous ou not, learning this method.

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