The period of containment that we are going through brings its share of difficulties for everyone. Psychological for some, physical for others. And yes, it is difficult staying at home to say no to this package of cakes that makes us look and to be forced to limit our outings (sports, among others). The sophrology can be a precious ally slimming in these situations, demonstration!

Invent a sports routine

Not very enthusiastic about the idea of sport at home ? Take advantage of it, we always have the opportunity to practice 1 hour a day outdoor activity. Good for the morale, good for the body, it would be a shame to deprive yourself. For those who prefer practice at home, we’ve seen a lot of YouTube channels, Instagram accounts that offer live sessions, sometimes even sophrology ! You just have to make your choice. A nice date to fix during this period, right?

Be kind to yourself to sleep better

We know, the sleep is essential when you want to monitor your line. There too, the sophrology will help you sleep better, be more restful and less restless. Be kind to yourself, do not blame yourself for what you would have wanted to do differently in your day, and do not hesitate to exercise. breathing or two before you fall asleep just to get yourself in optimal condition to recover and to be appeased. The effects on the body are guaranteed.

Avoid snacking

Stay at home, have small treats all day long. Hard to resist. And then why deprive yourself of these little pleasures when our days are sometimes less exciting than usual? If you have trouble containing your cravings for snacking, some exercises sophrology may allow you to restrain or even eliminate them. You can also find below a video of special sophrology slimming by Catherine Aliotta, to reproduce without moderation and as much as necessary.

Are you also starting to feel the weight of confinement and not just psychologically? 😊 Share your slimming tips with our readers in the comments or on our Facebook page!