According to figures released last year by the World Health Organization, more than one in two French people would be stressed by their work. Stress is one thing, being overwhelmed by your professional activity to the detriment of your personal life is another.

To privilege your career is often to want to do well, or even do too much, by accumulating hours at the office, bringing back files in the evening or on weekends, and failing to disconnect from your calls, emails and other professional messages.

Ordering a dinner with friends, your weekly yoga or guitar hour, no longer having time to enjoy a moment with your spouse or children are all warning signs to act and restore a fairer balance between your life personal and professional life.


To escape all traces of guilt and to make sure to reach his goal, the sophrologist Brigitte Bellégo has just published a special guide to Dunod editions Professional life / Personal life how to (re) reconcile them?

Intended for the general public, this book allows us to take stock of their personal situation beforehand and identify their own imbalance.

Then, as you go through the program, you learn to decide what you want and especially what you no longer want. The most important point will then remain to define your own goals and achieve them, something made easier with dynamic and static relaxation exercises. To boost his motivation, the good idea of ​​the book is to have made things pleasant and playful with Maître Yo, inspired and inspiring character that we find throughout these 200 pages to stimulate and thus reach suddenly sure its purpose.

Even if the resolutions of the beginning of the year are now far away, nothing better than to prepare for the change before the arrival of spring.


Brigitte Béllégo Sophrology and Personal life

Consult an extract of the work and the videos of static relaxations recorded by the author by clicking here