Sophrology exercises to overcome grief

How to deal with the loss of a loved one? In this video, sophrologist Alain Lancelot gives you all the useful advice for overcome a period of mourning, as well as two sophrology exercises.

It’s probably one of the most difficult ordeals in life. Yet all of us are faced with the Loss of a loved one. An event that causes a real emotional and psychic upheaval. Grief is a process that sometimes seems long, but each step is necessary to move forward.

If it’s classic to feel sadness, of the anger and sometimes even guilt, however, care must be taken that these emotional states do not persist for too long. Certain disorders such as depression can, indeed, appear during a period of mourning and prevent the person who confronts him from learning to live a normal life.

Sophrologist Alain Lancelot explains in this video the mourning process and offers two sophrology exercises, the first to reconnect to oneself, to one’s feelings, and thus, initiate the acceptance phase, and the second which is a visualization for return to positive moments lived with your loved one.

Watch the video offered by the Elle magazine channel now: