Successful job interview with sophrology

How to successfully complete a job interview? This is what sophrologist Alain Lancelot offers you in his new video broadcast on the Elle magazine channel. On the program: stress management, development of self-confidence and anchoring in the present.

To give the best of yourself during a job interview, you have to be able to manage your stress. Because if it is an excellent engine, stress can also parasitize its performances and lose your means on D-Day ” Stress feeds on the unknown “, says Alain Lancelot, and it must be said that the unknown is omnipresent before and during a job interview.

What questions will I be asked? What will recruiters think of my presentation? Will I be up to it? All of these questions can be cause for concern andanxiety with a candidate. However, it is possible to mentally prepare at that time, sometimes, so dreaded.


To help you prepare for this interview, Alain Lancelot offers you in this video a sophrology exercise which aims to anchor in the present and therefore to reduce his stress level, as well as a visualization to project success and develop self-confidence.

Find below this sophrology session on video: