the benefits of sophrology within the couple

These troubles can actually have an impact on the lives of couple on a daily basis, and disturb its balance. So to prevent this from weakening this balance, the sophrology has many tools in his possession. Whether for a man or for a woman, single or in couple, the sophrology is useful to everyone.

As explained Catherine Aliotta3expert in sophrologyall of the sophrological techniques allow both “reconnect with your sensoriality”4 but also to work on his self-esteem. Indeed, the decline in self-confidence can cause desire disorders and impact the life sexual.

In case these desire disorders would be related to stress, sophrology can also be very useful as an emotion management tool. Indeed, thanks to the follow-up of a sophrologist specialized in sexuality, it will be possible to learn how to better manage stress. This will therefore involve the use of different exercises (breathing, dynamic relaxation and visualization), which will allow you to manage your emotions and establish calm within you.

As Catherine Aliotta points out, the use of exercises of sophrology allows, in fact, “to accept one’s body, to reclaim it, whatever its faults” and thus regain self-confidence.

Moreover, by learning to manage one’s emotions, it is possible to use the sophrology in order to release tensions, through dynamic relaxation exercises. This letting go will allow you to be more attentive to your feelings in order to better understand them and find a balance between body and mind.