How to approach the day before the baccalaureate exams with serenity? This is the subject of this interview carried out on the CNews set and during which the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta was able to deliver his precious advice to young graduates.

Sophrology indicates that for arrive at the bac exams in the best conditions, do not hesitate to take the time to relax 24 hours before. This is to help you sleep better the night before the day of the exam. Pleasant activities or sports can also contribute to mental and bodily relaxation, and allows you to be tired enough to be sure you sleep well.

So whether or not to revise the day before the tests? For the sophrologist, the ideal is to have revised before, even if, for her, it is always possible to make a point of revision in the morning the day before the tests. “But especially in the afternoon” go green and enjoy the moment “concludes the specialist and director of theSophrology Training Institute.


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